Home inspector saint paul, mn

Know That Your Home Is Safe and Sound

Schedule a home inspection in Saint Paul and Prior Lake, MN

Getting a home inspection done can help you sleep better at night knowing that everything in your house is as it should be. It will also make it easier to sell your house when the time comes. Certified Home Inspections LLC performs home inspections you can trust.

We cover all major areas of your home. We'll inspect the exterior and check on the stability of your foundation, windows and doors. Inside, we'll evaluate your home's:

  • Structural elements
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • HVAC system
  • Water heater
  • Attic
  • Living space

Call today to set up a thorough home inspection in Saint Paul or Prior Lake, MN.

We offer pre-listing home inspection services

A pre-listing home inspection can reassure potential buyers that your home is safe and structurally sound. Once we complete the inspection, we'll email our report to you within 12 hours. Our documentation is detailed, with comprehensive notes and photographs of every feature of your house.

We can also provide estimates on the repair services you might need. When we notice a problem, we'll make a note in our report and inform you of the expected cost of fixing that problem.

Call now to speak to an expert about your pre-listing home inspection in the Prior Lake and Saint Paul, MN area.

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home inspector saint paul, mn