Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Hire a home inspector in the Saint Paul and Prior Lake, MN Area

By choosing a home inspector from Certified Home Inspections LLC, you can rest assured that your home will get a comprehensive evaluation. We’ll examine every nook and cranny for anything that might be amiss. You can relax and stop worrying about potential problems when it’s time to sell your house.

We’ll conduct a survey of the house, then walk you through the property and explain any problems we found. We can also help you find solutions to these issues. Contact us today to discuss the condition of your home with a home inspector in Prior Lake and Saint Paul, MN.

We offer certified home inspections for your peace of mind

Certified home inspections can reveal a variety of problems with your home. We’ll test for dangerous chemicals and structural integrity. We’ll let you know about:

  • Leakage and mold
  • Exterior faults
  • Holes in your roof
  • Bacteria in your water
  • Broken vent fans
  • Faulty appliances

Call 612-237-9575 to find out more about certified home inspections in Saint Paul and Prior Lake, MN.

Certified Home Inspections performs consistent evaluations

We have three years of experience inspecting homes, and our lead inspector is backed by 14 years of experience in general contracting. You can trust us to carefully evaluate the ins and outs of your building.

We’ll crawl out on the roof to check for missing shingles and leaks. We’ll also inspect smaller spaces, such as your crawl space and attic. Ask your realtor or agent to get in touch with us, or reach out yourself.

Call now to speak with a qualified home inspector in Saint Paul, MN.